Why You SHOULD avoid dieting

Why You SHOULD avoid dieting

Why Strict Diets Always Fail

Have you ever started a diet, only to fall off the wagon weeks or even days into it? Well, you aren’t alone. In fact, some studies have claimed that 90% of people fail to meet their goals in a diet program. So why is it that so many people have the confidence and urgency to start a diet, but then fall into failures arms before the end? One of the biggest reasons is because their diet is just simply too strict. If one day you go from eating anything and everything your little heart desires, to cutting out pretty much all of those comfort foods in an instant, you are almost guaranteeing your own failure. In fact, from day one, you are probably waking up and automatically craving what you do every morning: coffee with sugar, eggs with salt, and maybe even a high carb, high calorie bagel with ta pound of cream cheese. Well, that is because that is what you are used to, and now that you know you can’t have it, you want it even more! I’m not saying strict diets aren’t good. I am saying there is another way!

Start slow!

Work your way into it. Change is so hard, and most diets request that you change just about everything! Start by changing 2 or 3 things at a time, depending on the diet you chose. Once you are completely comfortable without or with lower amounts of those foods, start eliminating or reducing 1 or 2 more at a time. I know summer feels like it is right around the corner, but if you jump into a diet full force, you are most likely going to make it a few weeks and then end up holding onto those extra pounds this summer. OR you start slow now, make it halfway to your goal this summer, but easily surpass your goal by next summer and everyone thereafter!

Remember that consistency and persistency is key! It isn’t sudden changes. Look up the diet you want to do, study it a little so you know what your end goals are, and then set some short-term goals. But don’t put a time frame on them. Instead, write down the first 2 or 3 things you want to change and then out a small space, and then write the next few things you want to change. Once you are comfortable changing the first ones, move onto the next. And within 2 months, even if you only just made it to step 2, you will already feel a huge difference in your strength mentally and your overall health!

Do you have a hard time staying on a diet?

Well give this a try and see how it does for you! It is easier than jumping into a strict one full force, trust me! And let me know what diet you chose, and if you are setting some short-term goals for yourself! We can all benefit from each other, remember we are a support group here and each comment help one another more than you know! Thanks for reading and I hope to hear all about your diet/health stories!

I hope you will start Week 3 of 2019 on the healthy foot with the rest of us! Everyone here is trying to better themselves and we would love for you to join us. It is simple and free! Just subscribe below, follow our articles and challenges weekly. Every time you have a question, feel like you are falling off, or even make a booboo and eat a dozen donuts, leave a comment for support and to see how you aren’t the only one!


Kim Shapira M.S.,R.D.

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