What is in your Vitamins?

What is in your Vitamins?

Do you know what additives are in your vitamins?

Have you ever noticed that when you look at your supplemental vitamins, most of the time they come in different colors? Well many times, those colors aren’t related to the actual vitamins themselves. In fact, most of the time, vitamin companies are adding in artificial colors to the vitamins to either make them more appealing, match them to the color of the flavor, or even bout them with the color we perceive that specific vitamin to be. Why is Vitamin C almost always orange in color? If you’re wondering now, the original color of Vitamin C is Off White/Light Grey. There are other additives within our vitamins too, and having the knowledge of which to avoid is important as well.

Many artificial color additives have accompanied ADHD, Cancer, and other major health issues. Why do they use them, while knowing they cause these issues, is beyond me? As consumers, now we can avoid them as we wish and take a new, healthier approach to our vitamins. One last thing on the color additives – where do they come from? Well, many times artificial colors derive from toxic coal tar. Coal tar is used for multiple things including roofing materials, paint and supplies, and some different forms of sealants. These are related to the things our vitamin companies are putting into our vitamins and it’s just crazy.

One of the easiest ways to avoid vitamins with possibly dangerous fillers is to steer clear of mass produced vitamins. Many of these companies have massive sales and are always looking for creative ways to either cut their expenses or develop more appealing products, no matter the health cost. Another great way to make sure you’re getting healthy vitamins is to choose smaller companies that you can contact personally and research easily. Find out what they are putting into their products and whether or not that company is the right fit for you. We as a society are getting better at checking the ingredients of the foods we buy; what makes vitamins and supplements any different? We are still eating them, why not start researching everything we put into our body, especially if it means potentially avoiding different diseases.

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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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