How are your vitamins affecting your medication

How are your vitamins affecting your medication

Vitamins & Meds Together

This may not seem like a big topic, but in actuality, some vitamins can counteract or create an imbalance with certain medications. Having knowledge of these may help those of you that take vitamins or medication on a regular basis.

Vitamin K vs. Blood Thinners

The primary purpose for blood thinning agents is as it sounds – to thin out the blood. With most blood clots, the primary medication will be blood thinners. These are very important, as if the blood clot enters into the lungs or heart, it can be lethal. It is safe to say that keeping the blood thin when you’re in dire need is important. Vitamin K on the other hand is one of the primary vitamins that induce the clotting in your blood. So together, they don’t mix very well, as they counteract each other.

Fish Oil vs. Blood Pressure Medication

Fish oil is a high consumption supplement. People with joint problems along with avid athletes take fish oil multiple times a day. While it can be great for many of the issues you may be having or used as a preventative measure, there is a precaution while using it with blood pressure lowering medications. The fish oil can actually enhance the medications and lower your blood pressure excessively.

Zinc vs. Penicillamine & Tetracycline

Tetracycline is an antibiotic that can reduce or stop the growth of bacteria. With such a productive toil, it is used for many different things, including acne. Penicillamine is used for many things as well, including rheumatoid arthritis and kidney stones. Zinc is a vitamin that helps stimulate enzymes in the human body. While all of these can be great for you in their own way, taking Zinc with either one can reduce the effects of the medications. The reason for this is that the body has a hard time absorbing the medication and the zinc at the same time. Your best bet is to wait a few hours between taking the vitamin and the medication to ensure both are absorbed properly and used to the best of their abilities.


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Kim Shapira MS,RD

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