My Top Fitness Apps

My Top Fitness Apps

Manage Your Daily Fitness with These Apps!

This week’s challenge in #TheKimShapiraMethod is to up your daily steps to 10,000. Yes to some of you that may sounds crazy, but it’s possible! When we have something or someone tracking us we often push harder. The average person takes 3,000 steps per day so in order to meet this week’s goal we need to increase our steps around 7,000. There are tasks that we do daily in which require us to take steps… we normally try an minimize the need for walking, but let’s throw that nasty habit out the window! Park a little further that usual, walk the dogs twice a day, try and take out large pieces of trash to the dump vs the kitchen trash can, and make several trips to car when bringing in the groceries. I could go on for ever about ways to increase your daily steps, but i’m sure you are getting the gist of it!

Now the whole keeping track part can get a little tricky! No one wants to count each and every step they take so getting some assistance from an app or watch is super helpful!! I have made a brief list of my favorite choices and a brief summary of how they work. Take a look!

  • Nike+ Run Club

    •  Are you a runner? If yes, thiss is perfect for you! This app tracks your runs via GPS, provides coaching plans, and even has a community of others runners where you can compete to see who puts in more miles! Com’on who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? On top of tracking your miles/stepss the provided workouts will help you build strength, speed, and endurance.
  • FitBit

    • Most of us have heard about FitBit by now. For those of you who haven’t, this is an app/watch combo. There are multiple watch options that will focus on your main goal/purpose. Overall FitBit will track your steps, miles, calories burned, and soooo much more! It’s a great way to go about your daily activities and leave the tracking worries to your watch.
  • Samsung Watch

    • Another brilliant watch that not only tracks your daily steps, water consumption, calories burned, sleep cycle, but so much more! If you are an android user or have a Samsung this will link up very easily with your cell phone. They carry multiple designs for the fashionista to the athlete.
  • Apple Watch

    • All you Iphone users, this is perfect! This watch will sync up with your other Apple devices easily and comes in a wide array of designs. You can easily track steps, water intake, miles, and more!
  • Strava

    • Any cyclists or runners out there?! This is a popular app that has been around for sosmetime. You download it on your cell phone, create an account, and then begin tracking your distance. You can narrow down the focus to things like pace, elevation, speed, and calories burned if you want more than distance alone.
  • My Fitness Pal

    • A huge factor in staying healthy and increasing our daily steps is to make sure we are also increasing our water intake. Yes, it’s not our main focus this week, but a good habit to start. MyFitnessPal is an oldie but a goodie, great for tracking water consumption, caffiene intake, logging your daily food and exercises.
  • Samsung Health

    • If you are a samsung user, then you have a brilliant app at your fingertips. This app tracks water consumption, daily steps, heart rate, stress levels, caffeine intake, sleep, blood glucose, food intake, and so much more! If you want to compete with a buddy on daily steps or even water consumption, you can do so all through the app. It will show where both of you are at throughout the day! Expert advice right there at your fingertips. Medical News headliners are available too.

Have you personally used any of these apps before? Let me know your thoughts!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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