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The Kim Shapira Method || Social Media + Group Page

Benefits of Having A Good Support Group for Diet and Health

Going from unhealthy to the opposite is quite difficult to handle on your own. This is especially true if you are very unhealthy right now. Having a partner to do it with is one of the best things to implement if possible, because you can push each other. Unfortunately, finding someone to jump on the health train with you is harder than heck. If you can’t find someone to get healthy with you, having a good support group is just as good!

A support group can be your friends or family, and their purpose is to push you towards your goals instead of pressure you into doing things that break them. For example, if you are trying to cut down on your carbs or calories, they should insist on eating somewhere healthy rather than a fast food joint. Bad influences are the last thing you need, since you are trying to break a bad habit and start a good one. Here are a few other reasons why having a support group can really help you achieve your goals!

The benefit of knowing you aren’t alone is one of the best parts of a support group.

Just by knowing that you have people supporting you and backing you is a huge push in the right direction mentally and therefore, physically. Another great one is being able to be open about your emotions and feelings. This is so, so important; by talking about your feelings, you are able to get them off your chest, like you are lifting a weight off your body. Getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings by talking instead of eating or sleeping is super healthy! Lastly, if you can find or create a support group that has set similar objectives or goals to you, everyone can and will get a rise in their sense of confidence. This can push you so much farther than you ever even thought possible.

A support group is so healthy for you, especially when you are making big changes in your life and want to make them last. Try finding or building one with your friends or community, and watch the benefits flow. Don’t forget, everyone here that reads these articles is a fantastic support group! Comment with any questions or support you need! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this! Do any of you currently have a strong support group? If so, tell us about it so we know what our potential is and what we else we can gain from them!

The Kim Shapira Method

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