The Best Gift To Gift Yourself…

The Best Gift To Gift Yourself…

Positivity – The Gift You Can Give Yourself This Holiday Season

Being positive is a crucial part of staying healthy and happy, especially during the holiday season. I hear from a lot of people how stressful it can become; getting all the shopping done, overspending on those gifts, getting the time off of work, and travelling back home, among other activities are all things that might be stressing you out. But it’s important to remember that all of those things lead to so many great, positive outcomes! In fact, I want you to look at the positive side of every situation that you can over the holidays. It will be the gift that you give yourself!

Remember that all that money and time you are spending on giving gifts to your loved ones is going to make a beautiful impact on their lives. It automatically tells the person that you are thinking about them, which makes them feel special and creates happiness for them, which in turn makes you happy. That alone is reason not to stress out when you are buying the gifts.

Additionally, getting the time off of work can sometimes be stressful, but if you don’t get all the time you were hoping for, try to see the positive side of it. Maybe other people got the extra time off that may have really needed that time. Also, once you do get the time off and hang out with your loved ones, you will have some much needed happiness and be surrounded by necessary love, which can help in keeping your positivity as high as possible!

This also piggybacks off what we have talked about before – Giving and gratitude.

Both have a major positive impact on your mental and physical health. So, remember that while you are shopping to give, you are actually making yourself healthier as a whole! Gift giving is a performance of altruism, meaning you are being selfless, which can actually aid in connecting us with others and become much closer with them. Additionally, it is as if selflessness is contagious as well! Others will be more inclined to give and be selfless as well, which will end up improving their health as well.


Kim Shapira M.S.,R.D.

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