What is A ClassPass?

Is there a fitness membership out there that allows you to participate in more than one type of class? YES and it’s called the ClassPass!! I am one of those people who constantly switches up their workout routine and I love, love, love spin class, but sticking with only that for a year… yeah not… Read More What is A ClassPass?


My Top Fitness Apps

Manage Your Daily Fitness with These Apps! This week’s challenge in #TheKimShapiraMethod is to up your daily steps to 10,000. Yes to some of you that may sounds crazy, but it’s possible! When we have something or someone tracking us we often push harder. The average person takes 3,000 steps per day so in order… Read More My Top Fitness Apps


The Kim Shapira Method

The Year You Take Back Your Health! I have been on this incredible journey through the nutrition world for 20 plus years.  In this time I have had the opportunity to work in hospitals, gastroenterologists offices, sports clubs, community centers, addiction centers, taught Nutrition at the college level, and all along having the most amazing… Read More The Kim Shapira Method


Fitness Apps I Just Love

Fitness Apps I Just Love   No matter where we are or what we are doing, we almost always have our phones close by! There are so many wonderful apps available on our cell phones these days; have you ever considered using a fitness app to help motivate your healthy lifestyle or weight loss goals?… Read More Fitness Apps I Just Love