Women and Heart Disease

Women and Heart Disease Heart disease is something that both men and women need to watch out for! Though we often hear more about the connection between men and heart disease, heart disease is the top killer of women here in the United States. This deadly disease has many different factors to it and can… Read More Women and Heart Disease


Meditation Apps That Are Trending

Meditation Apps That Are Trending Before I get started, let’s talk about meditation and why you should start participating in this activity DAILY! Meditation… but why? Meditation can improve your life by reducing stress, improving your concentration, increasing self-awareness, slowing down the aging process, increasing happiness… just to name some of it’s benefits! By setting… Read More Meditation Apps That Are Trending


Sparkling Water & Hydration

Sparkling Water & Hydration   If you follow me on social media than you are familiar with my latest #MindfulEatingChallenge , operation increase our daily water consumption! Water is the key to a healthy and happy body… yeah it’s honestly that easy! Want to loose weight? Drink water. Want clear skin? Drink water. Want to… Read More Sparkling Water & Hydration