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Don’t Go Back for Seconds Just Yet Most people eat their meals like they are actually starving. While this may feel normal, it isn’t normal for our bodies. Not to mention, it leads to one of the biggest contributors to obesity: overeating. Overeating can cause rapid weight gain, which many of us see annually during… Read More Overeating


The Proper Diet When Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications?

Currently on Anti-Inflammatories … well make sure your diet isn’t messing with the results! Anti-Inflammatory Foods Have you ever had an injury where you have to take anti-inflammatory medications? Or maybe you are clumsy and continuously hurt yourself by stubbing a toe on the bed post or running into a door at night. Either way,… Read More The Proper Diet When Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications?


The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet With how many people that are into fitness and diet in today’s society, you can be sure to find a vast variety of different plans out there. One of those is a diet plan that dates way back to pre-agricultural days, the Paleolithic Diet, or more commonly known as the Paleo Diet.… Read More The Paleo Diet