Stressing Out?! Try These!

Stressing Out?! Try These!


According to studies, over 80% of Americans experience one or more forms of stress every single month. As wild as that sounds, there are all kinds of remedies, medications, and meditations that you can use to balance out the crazy in your life! While each practice is used by thousands of people on a daily or monthly basis, some work better than others, and some don’t work at all for certain people, so finding the right method is the key to a stress-less you.

With a simple online search, you can find tons of different ways related to helping stress, including the aforementioned. However, one practice that is less likely to appear on page one of your search result is a method that has been used in Eastern Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Western medicine didn’t pick up on it until about half of a century ago, but with people heading towards healthier choices, it is becoming an even more apparent option. This is primarily run by plants under the adaptogen category, which correlates with adaptability and survivability. adaptogens are a botanical that increase the power of resistance against stressors, help achieve a balance in your body, and of course, are nontoxic. Since they have been used for centuries, it is safe to say that tons of people believe in their use, including doctors here in the U.S.

If you are stressing out more these days…

it is always best to see your doctor, but now that you know a little bit about Adaptogens, be sure to bring them up and ask if there are any they recommend for you. Here are a few adaptogens, some you may have already heard of, and some may be very new to you. If this kind of thing interests you, be sure to look further into them. They are even selling on Amazon, under labels like “Moon Juice – Brain Dust.”

  • Holy Basil – from India
  • Maca – from Andes Mountains
  • Gotu Kola – from Asia
  • Eleuthero – from Asia

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