Staying Organized With A Full Schedule

Staying Organized With A Full Schedule

Staying Organized + Staying Sane With A Full Schedule

For those of you that don’t know I am a mom of 3 beautiful daughters and both my husband and I have a full time job so as you can imagine, we stay pretty busy! It is easy to get behind when we don’t stick to a schedule or stay organized. I’ve got a few tricks that work well for us and hopefully they will be able to better organize your life and ease the excess stress.

How I Stay Sane:

  1. Planners are a the best! I use traditional paper planners & the calendar on my phone. Color coding these planners help to visualize which are personal & which are work related. If you have kiddos like I do then I recommend a magnetic fridge calendar as well. These are great for organizing chores, to do lists per child, and leaving notes for each other.
    • When planning out your weekly activities try and think of what “to do’s” come with that particular event. By making your to do list ahead of time you won’t fall behind. ex: do you need to rsvp for that party? or pick up a gift?
  2. Self-care is very important! Make sure to set aside some time for you. It can be designated for anything you wish: meditation, get your nails done, read a good book, or to workout.
  3. Digital planners
    • I recommend using Google calendars, they are a miracle. You can choose to invite others to events or link your to do list with your family members, nanny, or assistants. You and the other invitees will get email notifications for upcoming events so you won’t fall behind!
  4. Always keep a backup charger for your phone, laptop, etc.
    • I freak out when my phone dies mid-day. I know, I’m dependent. Anyway, I like to stay charged all the time, so I carry around a portable charger or battery pack.
  5. Wake up a little earlier
    • Waking up just 30 minutes earlier in the mornings helps me to feel less rushed.
  6. Carpooling is a great time saver!
    • Switch with different parents so that you each can use that time normally spent driving, the kiddos to school or other activities, to run errands or let it be your self-care time.
  7. Yes you may be Supermom or Superdad, but share the responsibilites. You don’t need to be doing everything in your house.
    • Perhaps the kids could walk the dog or do the laundry. If financially you are able to hire some help, take advantage. Having someone once a week to help with household chores can be a big stress reliever & besides that teenage neighbor you have could probably use the extra cash.
  8. Meal planning is a total lifesaver!
    • Prepping on Sunday before another busy week of school and work helps to make the grocery shopping super fast… not to mention you are more likely to buy less unnecessary things. It also saves me about 30 minutes each morning from prepping our lunches… since they are all ready to go!


Remember healthy habits are the foundation of good time management!

I hope my tips will be of assistance to you & if you have any tips share them! You don’t know who else may benefit from your experience. Have a wonderful day!!


Kim Shapira MS, RD


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