Sparkling Water & Hydration

Sparkling Water & Hydration

Sparkling Water & Hydration


If you follow me on social media than you are familiar with my latest #MindfulEatingChallenge , operation increase our daily water consumption! Water is the key to a healthy and happy body… yeah it’s honestly that easy! Want to loose weight? Drink water. Want clear skin? Drink water. Want to flush out toxins? Drink water. Okay I think you get the point! Water is full of so many wonderful benefits for our body. Most Americans don’t drink enough water and all those calorie filled coffee drinks we consume on the daily only back track us on our weight loss. So it’s time to kick those sugar filled drinks aside and try something better for your body!

If you are struggling with cutting down on soda then sparkling water could be what you need. Quitting your soda addiction “cold turkey” can be rough so try switching them out for a few La Croix’s  or Sparkling Smart Waters throughout the day! Sparkling water offers us many wonderful nutrients just like regular water!!! Just like water it helps us to stay hydrate, which is very important for proper nutrient movement throughout our body.

Eat a little too much at dinner? Try drinking a glass of sparkling water to ease the digestion. Still not feeling the sparkling water – go ahead and add a lime or a lemon to it for a delicious and refreshing replacement for soda! No one said increasing your daily water intake has to be boring.


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I’d love to hear all about your progress so comment below or DM on any of my social media sites! Remember it only takes 21 days to start a new habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.


Kim Shapira MS,RD

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