Smile More And Make Those Around You Happier

Smile More And Make Those Around You Happier

Smiles Are LITERALLY Contagious

When someone smiles at you, have you ever noticed that the majority of the time, you will smile back. It isn’t just a courtesy, it is actually your brain trying to feel what they are feeling; making a smile contagious. Showing our shiny whites isn’t the only facial expression that our sensorimotor try to copy though, in fact, most facial expressions are felt and copied by us. Smiling just seems to be the most contagious, because with a negative facial expression, our brain doesn’t want to mimic, hindering such a thought and expression.

Why do we do this? Why would we copy someone else’s expressions? It’s actually quite simple. We subconsciously want to be able to socialize with them, and with that, it is easier to make conversation with someone if you know how they are feeling. By mimicking their feelings/expressions, we are even able to change our mood a little into their disposition and really get into making great conversations.

So, the next time someone smiles at you, smile back! Don’t be a grump and just walk by like it never happened. It isn’t just a nice gesture, but it will also put you in a better mood without you even knowing about it. Plus, now that you know why this happens, maybe you will think back on it and will feel an even greater satisfaction!

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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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