Are Smartwatches The New Scale?

Are Smartwatches The New Scale?

Newest Workout Watches To The Market

So What Do They Do?

The newest thing in weight loss is the smartwatch. Yeah, you heard me correctly! People are saying bye bye to their scales & giving up on watching the pounds to start tracking healthier habits like heart rate, distance ran, and how many steps you took in one day. Smartwatches have been around for a while now, but hybrid watches have begun to take over. These watches not only help connect your watch with your cell phone or tablet, but they implement the wonderful benefits that come from a fitbit – lifestyle & fitness combined!

With the majority of us having a busy lifestyle and constantly running close to behind schedule apps and products that help with convenience are a must have! I survive by the calendar on my phone, in addition to a planner. The tough part is that sometimes we step away from our phone or leave the planner at the office – this is where a smartwatch would come in handy. I didn’t see the need in them when they first came out, but after using them I now know how incredibly useful they are! Boy have they developed since the first one was released!!

Here are 3 of the newest additions to the smartwatch market:

 Fossil Smart Waatch Q Accomplice Kim Shapira MS, RD.jpg

Shop The Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch – Q Accomplice 

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch – Q Accomplice

Fossils newest smart watch for both men & women ( pictured above is the womens rose gold).  This watch will run you about $175 through Fossil directly. No need to constantly check your phone for missed notifications because the Q accomplice has got you covered. It will notify you of any important texts ( you decide for which contacts), any calls, and updates. You don’t have to worry about remembering to plug it in at night because it is powered just like a normal watch – long lasting battery is included. Do you listen to Spotify, Pandora, or  other music streaming sites? If so, you can control the music players straight from your watch!

Staying organized, keeping track of time, syncing up with apps on your cell phone, are all great bonuses to having this watch, but my favorite thing about smart watches are the fitness/ health apps. How can they help you with your overall health- let me tell ya!

  1. Tracking your your everyday calories burned can be as easy as wearing the q accomplice. It tracks your daily steps and distance.
  2. Want to increase your water intake, but need houorly reminders? Just set your watch to remind you! It will also remind you to hit your excercise goal for the day.

There are multiple strap options so if you don’t like the one pictured above you can totally customize it to your style!! You could talk about this watch all day, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things it has to offer. If you purchase this watch make sure to try out the sleep monitor setting, it’s fascinating to see your sleep cycle and duration.





Shop Kate Spade – Hybrid Smartwatch Here 


Kate Spade – Hybrid Smartwatch

Kate Spade designs are just classic! It is hard to imagine that such a sleek and sophisticated watch could be used as a fitness watch as well – monitoring your steps, sleep habits, and the personal goals you set. Similar to the Q accomplice, this watch can control music, take a selfie, automatically updates time zones, alerts you when you have incoming calls or texts, and is water resistant. That’s water resistant, not waterproof so don’t try tracking your laps with this bad boy.  Not a fan of the one I have pictured above, don’t worry there are several different color schemes you can choose from.


Click Here To Shop Apple Watch Series 2 

Apple Watch Series 2

For all my Apple lovers out there this should be your top selection of the three! If you currently have an Iphone than what better to pair with it than an Apple watch… the latest one out of course. Not a fan of pink? It’s okay because this watch has numerous designs for both men and women!!

This watch has so much to offer, but I’ll narrow it down to my top:

  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
    • Allows you to track your distance in the pool, monitor your progress with your water aerobics class, and let you compare to your last swimming records
  • GPS is built in
    • The app will show your distance, speed, and pace on a map.
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • An extensive workout app
    • 12 pre-loaded workouts that can be completed both indoor and outdoor

Shop Different Colors & Extra’s For Watches Featured in This Article Below:

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