Significance of Self-Care

Significance of Self-Care

Treat Yourself Right!

Self-care is about as simple as it gets when giving back to yourself. All you are really doing is caring about yourself. Now, this can get broken down into a variety of ways, reasons, and different possibilities, as each person is so much different than another. Different people may need to focus more attention on one subject, while others may have to distribute more of their devotion to other issues. Finding out what you should be focusing on most is the key to success with regard to self-care.

Are you feeling more stressed out than ever? What do you think is causing said stress? How about your health, is it something that you have been putting on the back-burner for a while now? Or maybe it’s your health and hygiene; no matter which of these, or if all of these are affecting you, it is time to start focusing on them and nipping them in the bud. Let’s get into how each one can affect you, and really see why we should be supremely focused on ourselves as well as others.

Stress Kills

I am sure you have heard over and over how stress kills. Well, you aren’t hearing it for no reason. Stress really does take a major toll on our bodies. Stress is directly linked to more than six diseases which are the leaders in the death toll. This is no coincidence, so getting control of that stress is important. Besides its relation to disease, I am sure you have noticed your bad attitude and low energy that comes with being stressed out. All of these are reasons to get rid of it, or at least try to prevent it as much as possible. Care for yourself and kick stress out of your life.

    Your overall health is extremely important to your life.

It may actually be the most important thing to focus on. This one is correlated a bit with stress, but stress isn’t the only factor when it comes to your health. Hygiene is a big one and keeping it up is important. Another huge factor in your health is your exercise and diet. Exercise is more than just losing weight, it keeps your heart strong, your muscles robust, and boosts your confidence over time. Your diet is also more important than just for losing weight, although most people use a diet to burn those pounds. Your diet can actually be used to improve your health as well. Eating less or more of something to lower or raise blood pressure, sugar levels, and much more. These are all things to focus on when considering your health and most importantly your general self-care.

Check Back In

My next article is going to have a few extra, subtle ways that you can add to your self-care. If you have really been ignoring your self-care, you may want to get started right away with the major ones that we listed above: health, hygiene, and stress. Getting those on track is vital to the well-being of your body and mind. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to stick around for more and Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post containing something that may be right up your alley! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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