Setting Goals and Setting Intentions

Setting Goals and Setting Intentions

Of course, when you set a goal, you intend on achieving that goal. But what I am getting at, is that you can actually set both, each of which have different objectives. Goals can be short or long term, but most people set goals that end up being long term, and then forget about them for the most part, since the goal is so far in the future. Then they start focusing on issues that they think about on a daily basis. Well, what if you set a long-term goal for yourself and then set daily intentions as well. When I say intentions, I don’t mean goals, well not really at least. There is a book that was recently written by an Air Force Veteran, “Live Intentionally.” This book focused on how you can set intentions for yourself and complete them. By using your intentions to do good in the world and for others, you are actually making a very positive impact on your own life.

You can use your intentions to take the focus off of certain negative thoughts and emotions, while also giving positive thoughts and emotions a chance. If you are having a bad day or are just overly stressed, try setting an intention. This could be anything from being kind to a random person to getting flowers for your loved one. Just the thought of that intention will begin to create positive thoughts, as you will be making another person smile. By keeping your intention and following through with it, you will really begin to feel the optimism rising inside you. It almost gives you a “happiness rush,” like an adrenaline rush, but with happiness, which makes you want to do more good and set more intentions. They are limitless, and you can contribute more and more into the world with each day that passes.


The benefits of setting daily intentions is wonderful, in that they are two-fold. Others benefit from it AND you benefit from it. This can also be a lot of fun, where you can bring you family or significant other into the mix, and start getting creative with your intentions. Some people have gone out and bought pizzas for the homeless and spent their evening putting smiles on random people faces they never thought they would interact with. I bet they ALL had smiles on their faces and warmth in their heart for days or even weeks from that on intention! The more creative the better!

Have you ever heard of setting intentions and living intentionally? If not, give it a try and see how it affects you. Leave your affects and thoughts in the comment section below! Oh, and don’t forget to Subscribe for more great content, its FREE! Thanks for reading!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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