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pH Water

pH Water

The water in today’s market is vast and everchanging. There are soooo many different options to choose from…tap water, bottled water, jugs of water, filtered water, etc. I can go on and on like Bubba from Forrest Gump. Each has their own flavor, and most have different nutrients, but perhaps the principal, chief factor of the water you are consuming is its pH level. For those of you who don’t know what that is, in basic terms – our bodies balance out acidity with alkalinity. The pH is put simply, the balance of the two. Lots and lots of things that we consume, including regular foods such as vegetables and fruit, and especially fast food/grease, have higher levels of acidity. This is also a contributor to heart burn…Ouch!

Consuming higher Alkaline or higher pH waters can help your body to balance the acids that you are consuming and in turn give your body a much healthier feel. There are plenty of options on raising your alkaline intake in today’s market, and quickly growing, for good reason. If you look up water stores in your area (yes, it’s a real thing), you will find they offer alkaline water among other options. Even just going into a convenience store, opt-in for the water that has a little bit higher pH, maybe between 7.5 and 9.5. These are much higher than your normal waters, and you can find them as low as 2-1 liters for $3.00 at most gas stations.

Here are some of my personal favorites; when I see these, I can’t help but to splurge and get the best water for my body!

  1. Core

Core water is deliciously smooth and has a pH of 7.4. Some consider this, including Core themselves, as the perfect amount of alkalinity. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  1. Essentia

Essentia water is also very refreshing, with an even higher pH, sitting at 9.5! This company has had a rehydration study with their water, leading to Essentia being the best (of the studied companies) in rehydration after dehydration.

  1. Fiji

Just about everyone knows of Fiji water and the reputation it carries. Although they don’t advertise their alkalinity, Fiji water is at the 7.5 mark on the pH scale. I don’t need to explain how uplifting this water is, it speaks for itself.


Side note: Using plastic bottles for long-term consumption can lead to health problems, so don’t forget to look into the water companies in your neighborhood. In addition, there are companies that will install larger (more expensive) alkaline filter systems in your home, or a quick google search will show you other options to improve the quality of your water at home. So check on these options, and remember that water is the most important thing for your body, so go the extra mile for it whenever necessary!


If you have any questions about pH water, acidity, or alkalinity, don’t hesitate to ask, and again, let us know your favorite bottled water company below so we can benefit from them too!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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