Emotional Hunger

The Difference Between Physical & Emotional Hunger || Part 2 Emotional hunger leads to unnecessary eating, which many of us are at fault for each and every day. Fortunately, we are going to point out what emotional hunger feels like, and if you read the post on physical hunger, you will really be able to… Read More Emotional Hunger

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Physical Hunger

Do You Know The Difference Between Physical Hunger & Emotional Hunger? There are two separate hunger entities, and knowing the difference between the two is very important, especially for those of you who are participating in the Kim Shapira Method. Physical hunger and emotional hunger can feel very similar, yet are immensely unalike. By understanding… Read More Physical Hunger


Matcha Green Tea

Is It Really That Good For You? Matcha comes from the same plant as the green tea we know and love, but the harvesting process is what sets it apart. The last 20 days prior to harvesting the plant is covered so it won’t receive any additional sunlight – this boosts the chlorophyll production, gives… Read More Matcha Green Tea


The Kim Shapira Method

The Year You Take Back Your Health! I have been on this incredible journey through the nutrition world for 20 plus years.  In this time I have had the opportunity to work in hospitals, gastroenterologists offices, sports clubs, community centers, addiction centers, taught Nutrition at the college level, and all along having the most amazing… Read More The Kim Shapira Method


Top 5 Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now! The breakdown of sugars by bacteria and yeast is fermentation. It is commonly used to preserve foods, but consuming fermented foods can help increase the activity and reproduction of good bacteria in your gut! To learn more about probiotics and fermentation read my article ” .” Check… Read More Top 5 Fermented Foods


Detoxes + Cleanses

Detoxes and Cleanses – Not What You Think Just to be clear, there isn’t any kind of detox or cleanse that is going to rid you of all the high calorie food and sugary drinks you have consumed over the holidays. Even if they claim to do so, there just isn’t that kind of magic… Read More Detoxes + Cleanses