What is MyPlate?

What is MyPlate?

USDA Recommended Diagram

I’m sure many of you remember using the Food Pyramid in school back in the day. Well, in 2005, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) changed from the Pyramid as a whole and moved to a more modern approach, a Plate. It is called MyPlate, and it depicts a plate with a pie-cart on top of it, insinuating what portion of certain food groups you should be including in your diet. This is actually a great tool to use if you are getting into healthier eating and striving to give your body the proper nutrients on a daily basis.

By using the Pyramid or Plate [whichever you prefer], you can actually start your weight loss and healthy eating habits right away. Although, small changes over time is the best way to keep the healthy eating habit, so be sure to gradually work your way into it. If you shock your body, you will start craving certain (sugary) foods quite often and lose your way. As a guide, below is a basic chart based off the USDA’s daily recommendation women and men. This is not an exact chart to work off of though, since your daily intake is based off your age, gender, weight, and exercise, among other things. This is just a director in finding if maybe you are on the right track or if it is time to get on top of things. If you would like a more thorough and personalized diet plan, it is best to get in contact with a dietician and create a diet plan.


USA Daily Recommendation

Food Group                                    Women                                           Men

Grains                                              5.5 oz.                                              7 oz.

Vegetables                                      2.5 cups                                           3 cups

Fruits                                               1.75 cups                                        2 cups

Proteins                                           5 oz.                                                 6 oz.

Dairy                                                3 cups                                              3 cups

Oils                                                   5 tsp                                                 6 tsp


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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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