Meditation Apps That Are Trending

Meditation Apps That Are Trending

Meditation Apps That Are Trending

Before I get started, let’s talk about meditation and why you should start participating in this activity DAILY!

Meditation… but why?

Meditation can improve your life by reducing stress, improving your concentration, increasing self-awareness, slowing down the aging process, increasing happiness… just to name some of it’s benefits! By setting aside just a few minutes a day you can improve your cardiovascular and immune health. We tend to over work our bodies and lead high-stress lifestyles which often leads to high blood pressure. One of the top practices of meditation is relaxation. When we sit still, clear our minds, and relax studies have shown that a large number of patients with high blood pressure saw a decrease without using medication. Stress takes a huuuge toll on our body people!!!

You can choose to meditate first thing in the morning, in the afternoon before you pick the kids up from school, in the evening to end your day, or anytime a stressful situation comes up and you need to regroup! Try it out and you’ll be amazed at the boost of positivity you’ll receive.  Below are a few awesome meditation apps to help you out!

1. Simply Being

Cost: iOS: $1.99| Android: $1.99

With a whopping 4. 5 stars on both Android & iOS you know this is a good one! This simple, yet popular voice-guided meditation app also offers relaxing nature sounds for those of you looking to escape into the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your house!

2. Omvana

Cost: iOS: free  | Android: free

Looking for a free meditation app with a large selection of voice-guided & music-only options then Omvana is it! The entire library of options can be unlocked for a fee, but I have found the free options to be just fine. Omvana has a section where you can select from self-hypnosis tracks that offer help with weight-loss, love, and wealth. I have yet to thoroughly explore this area.

3. WhiteNoise

Cost: iOS: $.99 | Android: $.99

White noise is used as a distracting sound during your meditation; promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and can even use the WhiteNoise app to help with sleep. With a wide variety of white noise sounds + more like falling rain, a bubbling brook, or ocean waves. I really enjoy the fact that you can mix together and create your own soothing sounds.

4. buddhify

iOS: $4.99 | Android: $2.99

If you are a beginner to the meditation practice or often forget to set aside time to meditate then this is the app for you. Buddhify has multiple guided meditations that are customized for your daily activities like walking in the city, taking a break at work,having some down-time, and going to sleep. These daily situation-based meditations work well with busy, urban lifestyles. There are also meditations that aim to reduce anxiety and take your mind off pain. This is a one time fee instead of paying continuously to upgrade.

5. Stop, Breathe & Think

iOS: free| Android: free*

Stop, Breathe & Think  has a large library of guided-meditations. One feature that I found super cool was that they offered a mood tracker called MyMoodTracker. MyMoodTracker will suggest which meditation is best for you based on your  current mood…how cool! If you are looking for an app that will track your progress along the way and allow you to set goals then this is perfect for you! One downfall I did find with this app is if you are looking for a one time fee then you’ll only get limited options. They have a subscription for around $5 a month that allows you to have full control of all the features Stop, Breathe, and Think offers.  I would recommend trying out the free version first to see if this is the app for you, before you go subscribing.

7. Headspace

iOS: free | Android: free

Here is another app that is free to download, but offers in app purchases to open up more features. If you are unsure about the science behind meditation then check this one out! Headspace teaches us more science-based meditation techniques. They offer more classes and a mood tracker option as well for a cost. If you travel a lot of have limited data, try downloading the courses so you can use them offline. This is a great feature for thosse of you that are unable to stay connected to the internet during your down-time. Headspace offers  monthly and annually subscription plans. If you really love it and feel like this will be your permanent meditation buddy then you can purchase the lifetime membership… oh yeah they offer a one time fee and you’ll get all the features for life!

8. Calm

iOS: free | Android: free

Calm is a great app for those of you looking for simplicity. They have a very easy to use interface and offer a large number of guided meditations. Only have 3 minutes to meditate? Don’t worry, Calm has guided meditations starting at 3 minutes all the way up to 25 so if you are limited on time you’ll still be able to fit in a quick refresh meditation! Go ahead and download Calm for free, but know that there are in app purchases to further your meditation growth.

9. Breathe2Relax

iOS: free | Android: free

Breathe2Relax is totally free and encourages breathing practices backed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology ! You feel relaxed and relieved of stress through these simple exercises!!

Shop A Few Of My Fave Meditation Products Here:

Meditation is a wonderful way to set your mind straight. We tend to get caught up in our busy lifestyles, so make sure to set aside some time each day to meditate and regroup. I would love to know how you feel about meditation and these apps. Comment below!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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