Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Is It Really That Good For You?

Matcha comes from the same plant as the green tea we know and love, but the harvesting process is what sets it apart. The last 20 days prior to harvesting the plant is covered so it won’t receive any additional sunlight – this boosts the chlorophyll production, gives the plant a dark green appearance, & increases the amino acids.

The leaves are removed from the stems and ground down to a powder.

Matcha is extremely high in antioxidants and studies have shown it to reduce cell damage and prevent chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Matcha:

  • Cognitive Performance saw improvement – better attention and memory
  • Cancer Prevention – Some recent studies have shown a decrease in tumor size when consuming green tea extracts. Matcha contains EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate)  which has a high level of anti-cancer properties.
  • Decrease the risk of Heart Disease
  • Boosts Weight Loss – kick starts the metabolism and boosts fat burning. YAY!

WIth so many different ways to prepare Matcha you can easily add it into your daily routine. Mix it with warm water for a delightful tea or steam some hot milk and stir it in for a nice green tea latte. Recently I have come across endless recipes for drinks, desserts, and even matcha shots!

REMEMBER, matcha is concentrated green tea so don’t over-due it. 2 cups of matcha is like 6 cups of normal green tea. Everything in moderation so lets try and stay at 1 cup a day.



Kim Shapira MS, RD


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