Learn To Act The Way You Feel

Learn To Act The Way You Feel

Act the way you feel! 

Follow these daily challenges this week that focus on acting the way you feel. 

Monday: Eat what you like, not what someone else eats especially if they think it’s healthy.

Tuesday: Only eat when you’re hungry. Don’t eat just because it’s breakfast, lunch, etc.  

Wednesday: Everyday is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself to be who you are meant to be.

Thursday: Identify the problem that’s holding you back from your goal and see it as a challenge!

Friday: Use your last mistake as your favorite new lesson.

Saturday: Share good news, smile at somebody, make someone’s day!

Sunday: Imitate your role model.

Set goals and intentions 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat healthier, feel better or anything else, it’s important to plan out your path to success. Set intentions for what works for you. Don’t shoot too far away from your comfort zone at first. Give yourself realistic goals that you can easily manage in your everyday life.

Learn to say no to the foods that antagonize your body

Challenge yourself to build stronger muscles in your brain by focusing on your ability to control your thoughts and behavior. Leave behind the foods that leave your body in discomfort by controlling the thought patterns that cause these cravings. 

Try these healthy eating tips below:

  1. Practice visualizing the outcome- how do you want the meal to play out, how do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Pick one meal this week where you stay super concentrated and practice mindful eating.
  3. Focus on the meal: shut off any and all distractions


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