Kitchen Tool – Philips’ Avance Indoor Grill

Kitchen Tool – Philips’ Avance Indoor Grill

Kitchen Tool – Philips’ Avance Indoor Grill

Another great kitchen tool that I have been using lately is an indoor grill. This is especially useful for people in Condominiums or Apartments that don’t allow outdoor grill use. Indoor grills have seriously come a long way since they first started appearing on As Seen on TV years ago. The one that I use and recommend is the Philips’ Avance Indoor Grill. It has a nice appearance for special occasions and gives a great grill flavor.

What is crazy about getting that grill flavor with this specific one is that it’s a smoke-less grill. The way that works is they use an infrared heating setup, with the coils and heat coming from the sides, where falling grease can’t reach. The drip tray also stays cool, so it won’t heat anything that falls on it, keeping the smoke-less title true to its name. That means everything that drips make for an easy cleanup, plus it is dishwasher safe.

Do any of you use an indoor grill that you would endorse to us or one that’s so bad you just wouldn’t recommend? Do any of you have a Philips’ Avance? If so, leave your thoughts in the Comments section below! Thanks for reading!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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