Week 40:

Act the way you want to feel! This week I will be giving you daily challenges.

Monday: Eat what you like not what someone else eats especially if they think it’s healthy.

Tuesday: Eating when your hungry will feel better next week than overeating because you aren’t hungry.

Wednesday: Everyday is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself to be who you are meant to be.

Thursday: Identify the problem, see it as a challenge!

Friday: Use your last mistake as your favorite new teacher.

Saturday: Share good news, make peoples day!

Sunday: Imitate your role model.

Week 41:

I would like you to set an intention, a goal, plan your success. Ex. I didn’t feel the need to overeat once this week or I lost 2 lbs. or I maintained my weight…Set an intention that works for you.

Week 42:

Take a step back… see the storm, big or small and to know that you are prepared.

Week 43:

Pick any family member or friend, someone you care deeply for and now imagine treating them the way you treat yourself in your worst moment. Can you put empathy into your reactions, can you choose a different way to handle the moment?

Week 44:

We will be challenging ourselves with building a stronger muscle in your brain. We will be focusing on the part of us that lies on the edge of our current abilities. We will be leaving behind the stuff we already know, to focus on the hard stuff, like: saying no to the foods that leave us in agonizing discomfort.
1. Practice visualizing the outcome- how do you want the meal to play out, how do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning.
2. Pick one meal this week where you stay super concentrated and practice mindful eating.
3. Focus on the meal: shut off any and all distractions