Focus: Meditation

Week 18: Thoughts, Mind Over Matter

This week our challenge is to cultivate a happier, therefore healthier mindset! Each day this week, I want your to pick one new ritual to incorporate (we are gonna raise our seratonin levels):

  1. Challenge your negative thoughts:  the rule of thumb is for every 1 negative thought it takes 3 positive thoughts to erase the effects of it
  2. Show gratitude
  3. Practice self – compassion
  4. Meditate
  5. Exercise for your wellbeing not your body weight.
  6.  At the end of your day make an herbal tea and read for a bit!
  7. Your perception matters:  if you think you are inactive, you will have a 72% higher mortality risk!  So change your mind!  Get active: vacuum, put the dishes away, clean your house, get creative- and get out of your own way!
  8. Get creative when talking about your food choices:   to feel deeply satisfied with healthier foods, eat in a mindset of indulgence! Talk about your food as decadent versus depriving can transform your food choices and your health. Studies show that by describing your food as delicious and rich in taste- actually caused a 41% increase in vegetable consumption.
  9. Find the silver lining in everything!
  10. Report only the good news!


Week 19: How aware are you of your thoughts?

This weeks challenge is to view your thoughts like they are the best television show you have ever watched. Instead of what I like to call hopping on a thought train for hours, practice labeling your thoughts. Positive, Negative and Neutral! See what happens when you do this?

** Wanna know the answer?! The thought goes away! Viola, just like that! Everyday this week spend 2 minutes labeling your thoughts.

Week 20: When there is too much noise our brains become awful at filtering rational thoughts and then we end up eating something we never would have.

This weeks challenge is to try 2 different quick meditations daily:
The 1st is to close your eyes and just listen to the sounds around you. Feel how your body responds. Did your body react? Where you able to label yours thoughts that come in as positive, negative or neutral. or did forget to do this and find that your mind was giving you solutions to make it more pleasurable.
Your 2nd challenge this week is to find a song that you find motivating and play it every morning when you are getting ready?


Week 21: Let’s try transforming our emotions… remembering that they are only temporary! 

1. Lets Label our emotion. “I’m feeling _________”.
2. Re-framing: put a different interpretation onto the same set of circumstances. I like to call it finding the silver lining!
Ex.: you may label something as horrible, terrible, disgusting, and then you can find a different label: I learned…, or the upside of this was…, or now I know for next time…

Week 22: I want you to identify one of your own fears, and turn it into trust!

ex. If I don’t have a cocktail with my friends at dinner, they will judge me!
Instead, choose to look at it like: My friends are supportive of my choices and love me for who I am.
ex. If I don’t eat at noon I will starve later. Or you can turn it into: I’m gonna wait until I feel hunger, there is always food around. I won’t starve.
What’s your truth? Pick trust!