Focus: Wellbeing

Our focus this month is wellbeing: The state of being comfortable, happy and healthy! Quantum Physics teaches us that everything we do, affects everything we do! It is said that it might be that every moment of our lives influences every other moment.

WEEK 10 – Immunity

This week’s challenge is to incorporate 1 of these 6 immunity boosters into your life, each day!
1. Laugh out loud! Laughing is like cardio and helps you de-stress. My hero Norman Cousins cured himself by laughing. He had a 1 in 500 chance of survival! He found that 10 minutes of laughter gave him 2 hours of pain free time!
2. Eat yogurt for the probiotics. They have been shown to stimulate white blood cells, which will help you from getting sick!
3. Get moving: doing aerobic activity and staying fit during the winter months has been found to decrease your chances of getting sick!
4. Garlic in food and in pill form has been proven to help scare of colds, flus, and viruses!
5. Go outside and get some Vitamin D! Just 15 minutes of sunshine does wonders for your bones and your immunity! Sometimes a pill is more effective, only because to get 15 minutes of skin exposure you need to have palms up or the whites of your eyes exposed!
6. Antioxidants: eat more berries! Antioxidants fight free radicals aka germs!


WEEK 11 – Fermented Foods

There is much to discuss in terms of fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics! Though this week I will be concentrating on fermented foods and how they help your immune function. Just a quick little intro Рfermented foods are not the same as probiotics AAAAAND probiotics are not always in the form of fermented foods. Probiotics are live organisms and not all fermented foods have live organisms, like sourdough bread or canned sauerkraut, but they are still nutritious. Fermented foods give us bacteria and enzymes that promote the growth of healthy bacteria or flora throughout our intestines. Bacteria in our gut allows us to digest food, is crucial for the proper functioning of our immunity, affectively breakdown and use the nutrients in the food we eat, and overall play a vital role in a healthy lifestyle. We could not survive without bacteria. Did you know that all life forms have evolved from bacteria and no other form of life has lived without bacteria? All sorts of essential functions are performed for us by bacteria; we are continually attacking them effectively with all of these chemicals in our daily lives, simply replenishing and diversifying these populations has a benefit for us! So this weeks challenge is to incorporate 1 fermented food a day into your diet! Happy eating!!!

WEEK 12 – Stress

We are responsible for our emotions! I can give you tools to help destress, but it’s important to remember that your kids don’t stress you out, your spouse doesn’t stress you out, you stress yourself out! It takes 20-30 minutes to de-escalate your emotions! Eckard Toilet says, “Accept the moment as if you chose it!” How do we produce good stress? Where in your body do you feel fear? Are these the same places you feel excitement? The way we view stress is the way it will affect our body! This weeks challenge is to rethink a perceived threat into an opportunity!


WEEK 13 – Toxic Behaviors

This week I am going to ask you to feel your feelings and to challenge your thought patterns! Just like in week 10, where I asked you to add some immunity boosters into your daily life, I’m going to ask you to challenge your behaviors here. Can you be more loving to yourself? Below are 6 toxic behaviors- notice if you are engaging in any of these and challenge yourself to be kinder? What can you do differently?
1. You don’t drink enough water
2. You don’t get enough sleep
3. You say you eat like crap
4. You see stress as something negative
5. You over exercise
6. You go to one to many happy hours