June 2018

June: Relaxation As Self-Care


Week 24: Recognize when you feel stressed and not hunger.

I often use the phrase, “I need to make a left hand turn in my mind, away from the thoughts that are encouraging me to choose a quick pleasurable candy bar, or too much coffee!”

Let us de-stress and kick our “anxious eating” habits to the curb. Last week we got out a Plan B bag… USE IT, but let’s add on to that. When you notice yourself stress eating STOP and go to the checklist below to see what you can do instead!

1. A spa treatment
2. Sweats and some warm tea (the smell of tea also helps relax your nervous system)
3. Books
4. Call a friend
5. Go play in nature.
6. Dance
7. Laugh out loud

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Week 25: Can your eating habits be a source of stress?

This week choose a different outcome!
1. Practice savoring every bite
2. Recognize hunger vs. another sensation you have in your body
3. Brush your teeth instead of eating
4. Eat only when your hungry
5. Eat real food!