July 2018

July – Self Awareness


Week 27- Pick 1 meal each day this week to sit and eat without distractions. Bring a journal to your meal, write down your thoughts and feelings on this.

Week 28 – Can you eat only when you are physically hungry? And do something appropriate when you are not.

Week 29- On a sheet of paper, make a list of people you eat with on a regular basis: they may be friends, family member, strangers, co-workers,or children. Next to their names, write down how or why they influence your eating habits. Then label it positive or negative.

Week 30 – First: put off eating… the food will be there when you are physically hungry. Second: identify your feelings! Third: Replace eating with some self-care techniques (examples on FB)

Week 31 -This week I want you to make 1-3 dates that are NOT food related.