Focus: July 


Week 27-  Mindful Eating – let’s cultivate awareness

Pick 1 meal each day this week to sit and eat without distractions. Bring a journal to your meal, write down your thoughts and feelings on this.


Week 28 – The Marshmallow Test Revisited:  Is your environment causing you to feel like you need to eat what’s in front of you right now?

Can you eat only when you are physically hungry? And do something appropriate when you are not.


Week 29- Who do you keep company with,  you are who you meal with! 

On a sheet of paper, make a list of people you eat with on a regular basis: they may be friends, family member, strangers, co-workers,or children. Next to their names, write down how or why they influence your eating habits. Then label it positive or negative.


Week 30 – Feel your feelings- don’t eat your feeling!

First: put off eating… the food will be there when you are physically hungry. Second: identify your feelings! Third: Replace eating with some self-care techniques (examples on FB)


Week 31 – Are you connected to life or just the food you eat?

This week I want you to make 1-3 dates that are NOT food related.