The Month Of Food Challenges

This is the month of Food Challenges! I highly believe in the non-diet approach. This month we will be focussing on eating habits, food choices, and building a better relationship with food. This all translates into #THEKIMSHAPIRAMETHOD.




This week everyone is full of resolutions…weight loss and getting fit is on everyone’s mind.  You’ve got to trust me, until you can trust yourself.

Your challenge is to eat only when you are hungry; the type of hunger you feel in your stomach!  The type of hunger only an apple or a burger can satisfy?  Do you get hungry?  Can you trust your body to get hungry?

There will be at least 21 meals this week, It’s crazy when I ask people what they ate last week or yesterday and they respond with, “I can’t remember!”  Well guess what, either can I!  So I choose to not make it a big deal!  Just focus only on your appetite!



WEEK 2 Challenge:
This weeks challenge is to only eat 1/2 of your normal portion! Did fear creep up on you? Are you worried it won’t be enough? Remember it takes 15 minutes for your brain to catch up to your stomach, so eat 1/2 and wait 15 minutes to see if you are still hungry. Trust me 1/2 is always enough, unless your bored, procrastinating or experiencing some other emotional set back. Focus on the 1/2!!




Eat whatever YOU want (but consider your health restrictions) Some of us have allergies, some have diseases where food plays a major role- so take ownership. Eating whatever you want can be super scary for some of us! There is something about eating the way your friend eats or your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You have permission to explore the foods you like to eat- so what if they aren’t deemed healthy. Remember we are building a foundation so when we put the rest of the walls up they won’t crumble from a faulty, fake foundation.

If you say you want cookies, eat cookies… though I’ve really never met a person hungry for cookies (are you sure you are hungry or are you just used to eating something sweet).
**Don’t forget what we learned in week 1!! #THEKIMSHAPIRAMETHOD



This weeks challenge is a BIG ONE!! It is also the number one reason why people lose weight & keep it off-.

Your challenge this week is to eat without distractions. That’s right, put your phone down, turn off the television, and sit at the kitchen table…actually just sit at a table. Did you know distractions can be emotional? Why did you get the thought to eat? Is it hunger? 
When people say they love food, truthfully they don’t really like to be alone with it. It is boring to sit and eat alone! Studies prove that we only taste the first and last bite of anything we eat. Also that the reward in eating is in the anticipation. We get so excited with the thought of eating. Let’s change the reward to the actual chewing and enjoying of food. Stop chasing the high with each bite; slow down + enjoy without distractions.





This weeks challenge is to finish strong! You have spent 4 weeks learning how to eat mindfully, making better food choices, consuming a lot less food, and eating what you want and not what others suggest. I am sure it seems that we can talk about food for the next 11 months, OH and we will, but we need to solidify your normal eating relationship with food and that’s where this week is important!

Focus on what you have learned and continue to practice these so they turn into healthy habits.