Focus: Digestion & Absorption

This month we are going to focus on Digestion and Absorption. This is my absolute favorite part of nutrition science! Our digestive system is designed to take the food that you eat and make it into nutrients (chemical components), which our bodies then use for cell repair, growth, and energy!

Week 14 Challenge:

So this weeks challenge to is a funny one. I want you to try the corn test? It can also be done with beets, sesame seeds or charcoal tabs! Stool transit time, the time it takes for food to pass from your mouth to the toilet, is really important in the prevention of disease and overall health. This test will give you a lot of information about how much healthy flora is actually present in your gut and how well your body absorbs nutrients.
** the challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to eat 1/2 cup of corn. Then write down the time and do not eat corn again until you see it pass through you!

Week 15 Challenge: 

Add 3 things this week that will increase the good bacteria in your gut!
1. Say no to sugar and processed foods
2. Eat more plant foods- full of prebiotics that feed your probiotics
3. Add more dietary fiber
4. Limit your antibiotic use
5. Take a probiotic
6. Add some fermented foods
7. Lower your stress
8. Get more sleep
9. Sweat more
10. Eat less animal products


Week 16 Challenge: Drink water, enough water to meet your daily goal!

Adult men need: about 13 cups/day (8 ounces each)
Adult woman need: about 9 cups/day (8 ounces each)
For every 1 cup of caffeine that you drink add 2 cups of water (16 ounces)
For every 20 pounds over weight drink an additional 2 cups of water (16 ounces)

Example: 35 year woman, 3 cups of coffee, 10 pounds overweight: 9+6+1= 16 cups/day. -20% (water from food, 3.2 cups) = 12.8 cups of water

Week 17 Challenge: Count your fiber!

Women need 25 grams/day and men need 30 grams/day! Let’s see just how regular I can make you! It’s not really a miracle or even magic, it can happen in 24 hours. Did you know that if you eat 13 grams of fiber on Monday and 12 grams on Tuesday you won’t be having a normal bowel movement til Wednesday! Try eating 25 grams a day and watch what happens!!

Week 18 Challenge: This week our challenge is to cultivate a happier, therefore healthier mindset!

Each day this week, I want you to pick one new ritual to incorporate (we are gonna raise our serotonin levels)!

1. Challenge your negative thoughts: the rule of thumb is for every 1 negative thought it takes 3 positive thoughts to erase the effects of it
2. Show gratitude
3. Practice self-compassion
4. Meditate
5. Exercise for your wellbeing not your body weight.
6. At the end of your day make an herbal tea and read for a bit!
7. Your perception matters: if you think you are inactive, you will have a 72% higher mortality risk! So change your mind! Get active: vacuum, put the dishes away, clean your house, get creative and get out of your own way!
8: Get creative when talking about your food choices: to feel deeply satisfied with healthier foods, eat in a mindset of indulgence! Talk about your food as decadent versus depriving can transform your food choices and your health. Studies show that by describing your food as delicious and rich in taste actually caused a 41% increase in vegetable consumption.
9. Find the silver lining in everything!
10. Report only the good news!