The Kim Shapira Method

The Kim Shapira Method

The Year You Take Back Your Health!

I have been on this incredible journey through the nutrition world for 20 plus years.  In this time I have had the opportunity to work in hospitals, gastroenterologists offices, sports clubs, community centers, addiction centers, taught Nutrition at the college level, and all along having the most amazing private practice shaped by my teachings.  I have learned so much from my clients and I appreciate each and everyone because they have changed me in one way or another.  I have grown and sought out answers when I didn’t have them.  I have worked alongside many teachers from many different backgrounds: therapists, others dietitians, doctors, acupuncturists, cranial sacral therapists, other healers, mindfulness meditation teachers, and trainers! Some I have even been clients with…seeking, always seeking!  Most of what I have learned I have experienced either in myself or with a client overcoming a hurdle.  I have been called a “hurdle jumper”.  I was once told that I can only teach because I have overcome + you learn from those who have been there. Since I was thirteen I have been fighting to be healthy! I am beyond grateful for what life has thrown me!

Somewhere through the years, I started seeing the disordered eating habits of my clients as a product of how they were raised or just how society expects us to think and act.  They were taught to act this way.  I started, becoming aware of my own truths… I started having ah-ha moments of clarity.  My first office had a giant wrap around window so I could see people coming and going.  I shared an office with a lovely woman who always had candy around; I loved candy.  I would see clients back to back and rarely make time for myself to eat. There would be times when my clients would be late and I would get really anxious about this; I didn’t want to have to cut their time short and I knew I had a client right after them.  I also knew if they happen to be late it would be a good idea for me to grab a snack and if I didn’t plan right, I would just grab a Butterfinger.

Then one day, while on the phone at my house I found myself standing in front of the pantry looking for something to eat. This was a huge moment for me because I was able to recognize the feeling I had on the phone was the same feeling I had when my clients were late, ANXIETY!  And that moment changed me forever.

Awareness is amazing and that’s when the real magic started to seep in and change my life.

To this day, I eat when I’m hungry not because my body has a craving or my because my mind is telling me food is a good idea.   I wanted to find a way to get this conversation started where we accept and embrace our habits –lean into the mess of being so human and so similar. My passion for being healthy from such a young age lead me to nutrition.  I loved learning about nutrition and food, but I was never passionate about it eating it. Not because I don’t love to eat but because I saw food and nutrition as the magic pill. The science behind disease and diet, the science behind our bodies and its health is my real passion.

I would always wonder why are people afraid of food, don’t they see the power it has?  Food is a drug and there is a  line between too much being bad and too little not being enough.  The key is moderation, so why wasn’t everyone clued into this?!  You can’t quit food!   So I had to dig and seek and I found Neuroscience, Meditation, Quantum Physics, and Spiritual Psychology. Through the years I have taught whoever will listen about triggers, pleasure-seeking mind-sets, and hiding behind food, drugs, alcohol and other addictions when they become vulnerable.  I call this THE KIM SHAPIRA METHOD.

Now let’s dig deeper into The Kim Shapira Method…

As this year ends and a new one begins I am inspired to create and maintain a challenge for anyone who wants to jump on my bandwagon.  This program is designed for you to champion yourself.  This is your challenge, your March.  My job will be there to hold your hand and to guide you, support you and to inspire you to maintain your commitment to yourself.  Please invite your spouses, children, friends, co-workers, family and anyone else who needs a little inspiration!  We can all meet up on my Facebook Page Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

This is the year you take back your health-

Everyone of us is different and has different needs, but at the core we play the same games.  Let me introduce to you the Kim Shapira Method… the Mindful Method. You want your best life! You want your best health! It’s time to step into it!

One of my favorite quotes by Marya Hornbacher is “if this Illness right now feels right now like a cage, please try to hear me: it isn’t locked.  It has been open all along.  You are free to go.”  

One of my clients years ago taught me that this quote really means the reason she can’t leave the cage is because she doesn’t know what’s on the other side and because she’s comfortable and familiar with what she knows, she will choose to stay inside. My number one challenge for you is to set your intention on getting uncomfortable. Trusting it’s temporary.  Trust this process.  Let’s go…..

Starting on January 1st we will begin the 365 day rebirth of your Body, Mind and Spirit!

It’s simple:  Taking back your health is really about hearing your own truth and speaking that same truth.  It’s about breaking free from what other’s think of you and how you and think about food, your body and health.  It’s about standing in your own lane and choosing you!

This Method is broken into 3 main focus points:

  • Your Body
  • Your Mind
  • and Your Spirit.

Each focus point will progress over a 4 month period.  There are no failures here, only wins, when you show up for yourself you win!

The year 2018 marks the start of new beginnings.  In numerology predictions it’s an eleven year- and eleven is significant for change and innovation.  It’s the year for rebuilding and restructuring, let this be the year you take back your health. This is the year to take action toward your dreams!  My intention is to help you build a new foundation from which you can build a normal relationship with food, nutrition and your body!

Every month there will be a new focus point and in this month there will be a weekly challenge, every 4 month the focus will shift from your Body to your mind to your spirit.  Each week will be cumulative so at the end of the end you can look back and know with gratitude you took action 52 times in the right direction.  My hope is that I make you think a little less narrow mindedly and that you inspire others along the way.  Can you imagine actually sitting down at the dinner table free from worry and fear?  Can you let food take its place in your life as only one important topic?

I recently came across an old letter I got from a student of mine at CSUN where he thanked me times a million- he wrote, “becoming self aware of what I’m doing to my body has given me results that are motivating me to continue to be healthier!”  and to quote another client who said, “the depth of knowledge I didn’t know I didn’t have has been life changing!”  I hope to teach you some of the things I learned along the way, to put some wonder in your mind and add some major integrity in your step.



Kim Shapira

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