Kale: Does This Superfood Have A Bad Side?

Kale: Does This Superfood Have A Bad Side?

Kale: Does This Superfood Have A Bad Side?

Kale is everywhere right now … in our skincare products, on our clothing, in our smoothies, and at every trendy dinning spot. Is Kale as good as we are lead to believe, or is there a bad side to this superfood?

The Good

Are you in need of a veggie that is full of fiber, iron, calcium, vitamins A, K, C, AND is low cal – then Kale is perfect for you! This leafy green, superfood has sooo many wonderful nutritional benefits to offer us!

  • Vitamin A  is great for our skin and vision
  • Iron helps the body to transport oxygen to our cells for renewal and blood purification
  • Vitamin K  adds to bone health
  • Vitamin C kicks up your immune system to he keep us healthy!

Here in the States we have made this vegetable super trendy… yeah I just said a vegetable is trendy. I am a total supporter of eating clean and consuming your proper amount of vegetables and fruits daily, but this trend has caused us to consume way more Kale than our body needs.


The Bad

Kale contains insoluble fiber which can be a bit tough for our digestive system to break down. We often see this type of fiber in whole-grains, nuts, and seeds. Consuming kale raw in large volume can also take a HUGE toll on your thyroid gland function. If you have any pre-existing thyroid conditions – it’s best to steer clear of  raw Kale!! Studies show that with cooking Kale this threat can be weakened and even diminish completely, but still be aware.

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As with anything, eat mindfully and remember everything in moderation!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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