Read This Before You Juice Cleanse

Read This Before You Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleansing May Be Worse Than You Think!

There are a few different reasons as to why they may be doing more damage than improvement for you. Knowing these can be very helpful, especially if juice cleanses are something that you do regularly or consistently. Whether or not you believe in them, this short read maybe an article worth looking over, as it may aid some of your more health crazed your family and friends.

One of the biggest reasons that juice cleanses are possibly doing more harm than you thought is because of one of its contents: Fruits. There are insoluble fibers that are lost when you blend fruits versus eat them normally. Those fibers stick to your digestive tract, and helps to coat your digestive system. This protects your blood stream from the sugars. When you eat fruits (no blending), that insoluble fiber sticks around, pun intended, and protects you from future diseases, including type-2 diabetes. This can all be found from an in-depth 2013 published study from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Furthermore, those fruits will get you on track to add huge calories that aren’t being felt as they should. Meaning, you are getting a bunch of sugar calories that aren’t making you full. This can lead to over-eating very easily and should be avoided if possible. If this is something that you have been doing, it is easy to fix the problem; just stop including fruit into your juices. I know they taste better, but your body isn’t liking you for it. More veggies mean less calories, less sugars, less tricky hungriness, and more beneficial nutrients. If you are trying to lose weight or even just change your diet to become healthier, it is always best to  just reach out to a dietician. Plus, then you don’t have to do hours of your own online research to find a diet that might not be healthy or might not even work!


Thanks for reading today! I hope you gained some insightful knowledge from this, I sure did! Don’t forget to cut the fruits out of your juices! Oh, and leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. Thanks again!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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