Importance of Portion Control

Importance of Portion Control

Portion Control… what’s the hype?!

As many of you know, this week’s topic is not the easiest thing to correct. But you already completed step one: Clicking on the link to get here! Step 2 is a little bit harder, but you are just as capable! Let’s dive right in.

Portion control is when you regulate how much food you eat at each meal.

When you say it like that, it seems like we should all easily be able to do it, but oh my, it is quite the opposite! Portion control is very difficult to really get a grasp of. Heck, just take a look at the obesity rate in America as of this article: Over 25% in 48 states and 35% in 7 states. That is absurd. I am a huge believer that portion control alone can cut those numbers in half. Studies have been done on certain overweight people in the past, showing that half of the people lost over 5% of their body weight. But portion control isn’t a solo health change. What I mean by that is, portion control should be used along with a change in diet, whether it be a small or large change. You can’t say, “I am going to control my portions and only eat 2 burgers instead of 3 when I go to McDonalds.” You will lose a little fat, and lower your health risks, but only minimally.

Where do I begin?

You first need to be eating the proper amounts of each food category: Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Proteins, and Dairy. It doesn’t need to be exactly to the percent of how the USDA says, but you need to be in the same realm. If you should be eating 2 cups of vegetables a day, don’t eat 0. Get as close as you can to that margin. Now add in portion control, and if it says to eat 6 ounces of grains, don’t go and eat 12. That is way more than your body needs. Head over to to find out how much of each you should be eating.

Your goal

is to get as close as you can to each number in each category, every single day. Not only will you be eating the proper amount of each food to allow your body to start storing the proper fats, but it will start transforming and burning the bad fats. In addition, you should start losing weight if you are already overweight, because it is most likely less than you are used to. It is going to be a little tough at first, but if you have a good support group, and have been learning to control your emotional eating habits (as described in the previous 2 articles), then you are already ahead of the curve and on the right track! Don’t be worried if you haven’t started the other topics in those articles, it is never too late! Little by little, each of us makes changes to better ourselves and in turn, it gets easier as our bodies and minds get healthier.

Thanks for reading today’s article and I hope you will start Week 3 of 2019 on the healthy foot with the rest of us!

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Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

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