How to Change Your Habits

How to Change Your Habits

Habits, Can They Be Changed?

In today’s society, it is easy to get sucked into a variety of bad habits. Part of what makes that so easily possible is peer pressure, or our environment. The other part is our intentions; what we make of them and how we follow them. In other word, there are two things that control our habits and how to change them: The people around us and how we decide to pursue every decision of every day.

If you are ready for some change and find that your habits fall into those alterations, then take a step back and absorb everything in this post. Let it sink in until you are fully prepared and equipped with the knowledge necessary to bring forth said change. It is so much easier than you think! Habits are hard to break, that is why they are habits. But a few small modifications in your life can make one big adjustment, maybe the one you need right now!

Step 1

We have talked about this before for other reasons, but creating intentions can change your life in so many different ways. In terms of changing habits, it is extremely important to create intentions for yourself to follow. Not only will they put you on the track to changing those habits, but will also keep you on that pathway when times get tough. To start, I want you to pick a habit that you have been wanting to change for a long time. It doesn’t matter if it is a very strong habit, or a small one that you just want to alter. Let’s take watching TV at night for example. It isn’t a chemically addictive habit like smoking cigarettes, but it is something that almost everyone goes through! And it just isn’t good for your body or mind! You are sitting or laying there, most of the time with a snack, just before bed! Think about it this way, you are relaxing before you relax for the night. Also, our eyes are fixed to our phones and computers during the day, and could use a little break. Watching TV at night before bed is a great habit to change! So, let’s make our intentions, as we would with any habit, and get to changin’!

Intention: To read as I fall asleep, instead of fall asleep to the television.

To follow our intention: Go buy a book that I am interested in.

Come Night Time: Use the book! Not the remote!


Now in order to follow these, you need to be willing to. The more passion you have for changing a habit, the better your chances of for success. If you really want to quit something, then following your intention will be much easier. If you are convinced by your significant other that you should join them on a specific diet for a week or two, and you really don’t want to, but agreed to make them happy, you are much less likely to stick to it. Be sure you are changing what you really want to change. Dig down deep and find the want for a better you! Create your intentions, stick with them, and to make matters even easier, follow Step 2!


Step 2

Look at the people that you surround yourself with: your friends, family, and coworkers. These people are the biggest aspect of your environment. They influence your life without even trying to, whether it be a good or bad influence. This probably goes without saying, but most people don’t focus on it for long enough to really let it hit them. When a coworker asks you if you want to grab a drink after work, if you have nothing going on, it may just be a simple answer, “Sure.” Now, lets say one of your habits that you are trying to change is: To stop drinkning as much. Now, when they ask that same question, a few things will go through your mind, even subconsciously. 1. Will they think of me differently if I tell them I am cutting down on my drinking? 2. One drink won’t hurt, I want to stop drinking more than that. 3. No, no, I am focusing on this and will stick with it. All of these, and pretty much any other thoughts you may have are normal. As long as you focus and stay true to your intentions, you will be happy with your outcomes.

Noticing these people and trying to cut out the bad habits without completely cutting out the person themselves is the hard part. Many times, have to be stern with them. Explain what you are doing, and if they are a true friend, they won’t only understand, but will help you get through it. Maybe even ask them to stop asking you to do those specific things that you are trying to cut out. This will help dramatically! Once you get passed this step, it actually gets so much easier! Just be sure to stick to your intentions and clean up your environment, and within months or even weeks, you will FEEL the difference.


Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

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