How the Environment Can Influence Eating Habits

How the Environment Can Influence Eating Habits

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”? Okay, now how about this one, “You tend to eat what is around you.”? I don’t know how much I believe in the first one, but the second, created by yours truly, is very, very true. Especially for those who already have trouble controlling their diet in the first place. There are a few keys to making eating healthy easier on yourself. Let’s go over two categories, and once you go over them, try to work on them for the better, including Where and Who.


Where you are, is a major influencer on your eating habits. Whether you be on a vacation, walking past a delicious smelling burger restaurant, or at work letting coworkers help decide where everyone should go eat for lunch, this is very important to your diet. In both of the examples above, you are being influenced by your surroundings. If you are absolutely starving, drive past three different fast food joints, and you are new to this dieting/being healthy thing, then chances are, you are feeling pressure to cave and make a quick stop. This is exactly what you want to avoid. If you know this kind of situations happen to you, then make a change, or take preventative measures, rather. Eat something healthy before you go or bring a healthy snack/lunch with you. Say no to unhealthy foods that you don’t need and use your willpower to overcome those situations.


Another major factor of environmental influence for your eating habits are the people around you. If you hang out with friends and family a lot, especially during meals, and notice that its common to eat unhealthily, then something needs to change. This frequently happens with many people in the world, so definitely don’t feel alone. This also may be the most difficult one to overcome, purely because of peer pressure. If you tell your friends, “Hey guys, I think I am going to hang back tonight,” chances are, they are going to try to convince you. And most likely succeed, because it is hard to say no to people you care about. Try explaining to them the diet you are on. Maybe even try to get them on board! The more people you are dieting or eating healthy with, the easier it becomes. I have seen groups of 7 friends all change their eating habits around together, just by continuously motivating each other and working as a team. It can work, if you have the right mindset and just try at it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Really do try to take control of these environmental situations. They make healthy eating quite a bit harder. Remember, if you ARE trying, and finding it difficult, try to take it slow and get some moral support/motivation from friends and family and get them on board. Let me know your progress in the comments section below. Let your friends know about my post and page, so they can start their healthy lifestyle as well. Remember to Subscribe, its free! Have a great day!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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