Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Last Minute Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner and many of us busy moms/dad still in need of gifts to give it can get a little stressful. Well sit back, take a deep breath, and read below for a few last minute gift ideas you can throw together!

Buying for a …

Fitness Fanatic – Treat them to a workout class with you!

The Impossible Person –  Essential Oils for relaxation & wellness

That Person Who Needs To Just Chill – Massages & Meditation Classes are great for that person who is overworked or always on the go!

Health Conscious Gal – Facials are a great way to detox the skin and remove those daily environmental stressors. Teavana gift sets are always a good idea!

The Writer  – Gratitude Journal’s are wonderful for everyone, but those that love to express their feelings through writing will be exceptionally thankful for this gift.

Here are a few other gift giving ideas:

  • Candles are always a wonderful gift idea – they are stress relievers, great addition to a meditation area, and aid in anxiety management.
  • Mandala Coloring Books
  • Pre-potted herbs ( Rosemary, Basil, etc) You can find the cutest post on amazon for a decent price. Just purchase the pot, go to your local nursery or even some grocery stores, purchase the herbs of your choice plant and pass along to the lucky recipient. Perfect for any chef or foodie!


I hope these last minute ideas are able to help you ease your stress of Christmas shopping this holiday season! Have a wonderful day everyone!



Kim Shapira MS, RD


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