Health Benefits of Giving Back

Health Benefits of Giving Back

Did you know that just by giving someone a compliment, your overall health increases dramatically? Well, it does, it has been proven by science, and when you give back, you will actually FEEL the difference inside. You will feel better, happier, healthier, and whole. And it doesn’t stop at giving compliments, but instead just keeps growing from there! Giving back is one of the easiest, best ways to improve your health and well-being! And it can do more than that, let’s talk about it.

Volunteering and helping others out has been proven to lower and aid in stress management. If you think about it a little deeper, it actually makes sense. You are focusing on helping other people who are under more stress than you, so you begin to see things from a different perspective and the gratitude you feel from helping actually lowers your own stress. It is a win-win! On top of that, we know that stress can affect other things besides just our mind, like our heart, blood pressure, and so much more. Well, since volunteering and giving back lowers stress, that in turn can help lower blood pressure and take the actual stress off of our organs.

Back to the “giving helps us mentally” part; giving actually assists in giving us a purpose to do things. As we have discussed in the past, doing things intentionally and creating purpose in the value of your actions has such a great cause and effect on our bodies and life. Well, giving back goes hand in hand with that! You may not believe it now, but if you get into a routine where every week or every month you are volunteering somewhere, or dedicating a day to helping others and giving back, you will actually start looking forward to it! A lot of people remember volunteering for school, which was mandatory in most schools, and sometimes they had a bad experience or they felt that since it was mandatory, it wasn’t as meaningful, which led to less of a positive impact. Instead, try going in with an open mind and trying it again, because as an adult, it really, really feels great to give back! I promise! These positive, helpful, amazing side effects would be taking place if it didn’t.

Piggy backing off of volunteering in school, if you have kids, see if you can incorporate them into giving as well!

Make it fun, or even have them come up with the idea! If they are having fun doing it, it has actually been proven to promote optimistic behavior in kids. Plus, there are more benefits to bringing them along and including them! They are an extra set of hands to help in any way possible, which helps everyone involved! Additionally, they are learning how important it is to continue giving at a young age, which may become a normal part of their life, leading to a long, healthy, positive life for them later on!

The satisfaction you get from helping other people, and knowing that you are helping someone out there that could use it or needs it may be enough to get you rolling. Use these other positive reasons as an extra push to keep going back and giving back. It is time to become a better you, and this is one of those steps that can really kickstart the process!

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you guys on how you are giving back. Let me know the amazing results you are seeing and feeling! Every story motivates the rest of us to keep at it and get out there more and more! Thanks again!


Kim Shapira M.S.,R.D.

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