Hair Care | More Than Just Products

Hair Care | More Than Just Products

Hair Care | More Than Just Products

We all want super manageable and beautiful hair.. am I right??! All the products we use on the regular to tame those moisture fearing curls or to strengthen our over-processed hair don’t really help them out at all. Products are great to treat, but why not fix it from the source… with food! What we eat determines how our skin looks, how our body feels, so why wouldn’t it be a factor with good hair?

What To Eat

Consuming Tangerines can help with healthy hair in many ways. Tangerines have a large amount of vitamin C and consuming this on a regular basis is great way to achieve healthy hair! Vitamin C helps your body to absorb the Iron it needs, the B12 in tangerines helps promote hair growth and fights against hair loss. Spinach is also a wonderful food to consume on the regular. It is high in iron, potassium, magnesium, and omega-3 acids which ALL help to give your hair that shiny look. BONUS: It will help aid in hair loss just like Tangerines!! You can also get your Omega- 3 Fatty acids from Salmon and oats, Yum! Greek Yogurt is full of B5 which directs blood flow to your scalp aiding in hair growth! Not only is greek yogurt tasty and good for you in sooo many other ways, but it also keeps that hair full/thick!

If some of these foods don’t sound tasty enough for you, don’t worry you can always take the vitamins supplements!

What To Avoid

Just like eating, everything is good in moderation! Straightening your hair and or blow drying it is not good to do everyday so take a break and let your hair go natural a day or two a week.  If you just can’t handle that au natural look then skip wash day and use a good dry shampoo to remove the grease, but maintain the pretty curls you just did yesterday! Once again what you eat plays a big role in your hair health. Avoid alcohol, sugar, swordfish (high levels of mercury can be horrible for overall health), fast food, diet soda, and starchy whites.  I’d recommend avoiding all those for better health in general.

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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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