Your Gut & Your Immune System

Your Gut & Your Immune System

Immune System Interacting with your Gut

As you may have learned throughout your time in school, certain parts of the body interact with each other and as a result end up depending on one another. In this post, I will explain how the immune system interacts and intertwines with your digestive system to give you an understanding of how a healthy diet really does affect your overall well-being.

I’m sure you can believe that there are some bad bacteria in your gut, and with that comes a balance of good bacteria as well. Well, when there is an imbalance, your small intestine actually releases undigested food particles through it’s apertures, which are then absorbed into your bloodstream. Now, it is directly in contact with your immune system, which doesn’t like what is happening and releases the its defense – histamines. These can make you feel bloated or even give you a stomach ache as well.

To control the bad and good bacteria balance in your body, keeping a good diet is always step one. Foods that contain probiotics are one of the best ways to increase the good bacteria in your digestive system. Probiotics are basically just healthy, friendly bacteria [the ones that balance the bad bacteria]. Some common foods that are high in probiotics are kombucha, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, miso, and sauerkraut. Implementing some of these into your diet may be good for your digestive system and immune system alike. Plus, finding kombucha these days is easier than it has ever been, plus there are tons of different flavors out there that are actually delicious. Remember, everything in moderation; don’t over do anything and your body will be happy with you.

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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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