Green Tea Benefits

Marvelous Rewards of Green Tea

Although many drink coffee like it is magic in the morning, a substantially beneficial alternative is Green Tea. Don’t get crazy, I am not recommending you forget about coffee, I’m not highly impractical! Really though, Green Tea has a ton of benefits that I’d like to throw out there to share with all of you.

Since we already mentioned coffee, let’s start with Caffeine. Green Tea DOES contain caffeine, so it will help those late risers that have a hard time letting any form of sunlight into their eyes. Caffeine actually has been proven to increase brain productivity, so if you’ve got a big day ahead of you, sip a cup of Green Tea and be extra prepared for whatever is hurled your way. Another great benefit of Green Tea is the antioxidants it contains within. In fact, those very antioxidants can reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer! So add another ‘+’ to Green Tea.

In a recent study, Green Tea was shown to increase fat oxidation by 17%. That is a huge difference when it comes to fat loss. It can actually boost the metabolic rate in some people. In other studies, it varies depending on the person, so try it out and if it works, then yay, good for you! One last benefit we will talk about is Green Tea’s ability to kill bacteria. Green Tea contains catechins, which are molecules that can help fight off influenza and other infections. Lastly, those same catechins also make way for a healthier dental chart overall.

Don’t go around drinking 17 cups of Green Tea a day now thinking you will turn into Superman or Wonder Woman; everything in moderation is key to a healthy you. I hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to read your thoughts in the Comments section below! Thanks for stopping by!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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