Green Smoothies // Nutritional Or Just Tasty?

Green Smoothies // Nutritional Or Just Tasty?

Green Smoothies // Nutritional Or Just Tasty?

By now most of us have heard all about this green smoothie trend. Many people are consuming green smoothies daily or at the least several times a week. The common misconception is that they are good meal replacements and can “alkalize” your body.  Since they are full of fruits and veggies they can’t be bad, right? WRONG! Some green smoothies are full of unnecessary sugars, juices, and dehydrated veggies. Let’s take a deeper look into why this trend is one you should limit.

When you walk into a smoothie shop and you look up at the menu…it doesn’t list the ingredients we are trying to avoid like sugar, or juice – they will just mention the good stuff aka veggies & fruits. We must ask ourselves are these fresh fruits and veggies? By blending them down to a puree will that break down all the beneficial fibers? These aren’t common questions we would ask themselves, but they are super important. I’m not a fan of this smoothie trend and I’ll tell you why!

Studies have shown a correlation with excess amounts of green smoothies and kidney stones. Ouch! Swiss chard, kale, parsley, and spinach are great to consume, but remember everything in moderation!! Those raw leafy greens are popular green “bases” for the smoothies and contain high oxalate levels. Increasing your oxalate levels can help your body feel great, if you are coming from a poor fast food and processed diet before, but after a while it can take a toll on your health.

What if my oxalate levels are too high?

Oxalate crystals will be formed and will pass through the bladder, causing severe pain and tearing up the walls of your urinary tract. OUCH!!! This is known to most people as kidney stones. Don’t be fooled, oxalate stones can develop in other areas of the body… i.e. your brain or even your heart. If an oxalate crystal were to end up in the thyroid area, thyroid disease can develop. Damage done to the thyroid tissue is severe.

Healthier Options… Your Body Will Thank You!

Your best bet is to avoid this trendy new diet, especially if you suffer from any gut disorders. If you must have a green smoothie just remember to enjoy in moderation. Do the same when consuming salads or anything else prepared with raw leafy greens. We see how Kale has become the latest menu trend… it is added to just about anything. Be careful how much you eat throughout the week.

COOKING TIP: When preparing raw leafy greens, such as the ones talked about above, serve them with healthy fats to increase maximum mineral absorption. Healthy fats are coconut oil, olive oil, or butter.

Just like anything else, this is okay in moderation! Comment below with any questions or tips for fellow subscribers. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Kim Shapira MSRD


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