Foods That Muddle With Our Digestion

Foods That Muddle With Our Digestion

Foods that Muddle with Our Digestion

There are tons of food that can mess with our digestion system; knowing them and avoiding them when necessary is important. If you have a busy day or may not be near a restroom for extended periods of time, this knowledge can be extra crucial and noteworthy to recollect. You may recognize some of these foods/beverages right away, and maybe even relate to how some of them affect you from time to time.

One of the top beverages that can tamper with our digestive system is Coffee. This is one that many people can relate to presently or has affected them in the past. The reason that this beverage has such an effect on our bodies is because of the caffeine. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, which is the primary reason people actually drink it, especially in the United States. We all need that pick-me-up or those wake-up sips in the morning. The caffeine in coffee stimulates and speeds up the digestive tract; it’s also a diuretic, which causes dehydration.

Another very common food that can tinker with our digestion is Milk or better yet, Dairy Products.

Many people know at least one person that is very lactose intolerant. But did you know that in today’s society, 70% of adults are at least a little lactose intolerant? That’s right, a whopping 70%! So, in actuality, most of us are petitely intolerant to lactose, and don’t even know it.

Fried foods are another frequent to digestive system scrambles. There are actually two different ways that this works. The first is – fried foods can move through your system too quickly, which can lead to loose stool. Another way it can mess with digestion is because fried foods are low in fiber, which ultimately leads to slower digestion and possible constipation.

Raw foods are another type of food that can cause an upset stomach. Without cooking foods thoroughly, such as fish, chicken, beef, and even eggs, there is a chance that they contain bacteria. Some people have experienced this first hand, with either E. Coli, Food Poisoning, or Salmonella. It’s safe to say, obtaining a virus like these is more than upsetting. Be aware of your surroundings when eating raw foods like sushi, but also when cooking in your kitchen, make sure to check internal temperatures of your meals. This will verify that the food has been cooked to the appropriate temperature, which kills the bacteria if it is there.

Thanks for reading today and leave you thoughts in the comments section below. Which foods upset your stomach and mess around with your digestive system? I know it can be a touchy subject, but everyone goes through it and its better to have extra knowledge of others’ experiences than none at all!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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