All Foods Have Fluids, but How Much?

All Foods Have Fluids, but How Much?

All Foods Have Fluids, but How Much?

Many people today have an issue separating their cravings, especially when it comes to food vs. water. Usually, when you are really, really thirsty, it is obvious that your body is craving water. However, when you are at the beginning stages of dehydration (which many people are on a daily basis), your brain will tell you that you a re hungry, instead of thirsty. This is because the receptors easily confuse the distinction, not to mention you have been doing it so long, it has become a natural thing.

Firstly, I’d like to state that before you eat, you should always drink a glass of water. This will help to hinder those “food” cravings when they are actually water cravings. If you are still hungry thereafter, here are seven foods that have been broken down into the amount of liquid they hold. This way, you will know exactly how much liquids you’re intaking from eating!

  1. 1 c. of cooked spaghetti = 2.5 ounces of fluid
  2. ½ c. of cottage cheese = 3 ounces of fluid
  3. ½ c. of apple sauce = 3 ounces of fluid
  4. 5 oz. of roast chicken = 3.5 ounces of fluid
  5. 6 oz. of yogurt = 5 ounces of fluid
  6. 1 c. of scrambled eggs = 6 ounces of fluid
  7. 1 c. of fruit or vegetables = 6 ounces of fluid


Keep in mind that this scale should only be used in addition to your normal water consumption, not as a means to replace your current regimen. It is helpful to know exactly how much of something you are consuming, especially when it comes to the most important sustenance to the human body.

Now drink lots of water, and stay hydrated in this summer heat!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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