Essential Kitchen Item

Essential Kitchen Item

Is there something missing in your kitchen?

When you get ready to cook a meal what is the first thing you think you need? Not many people think a thermometer. Is this an important part of cooking a meal… the answer is YES! To prepare safe, delicious, and perfectly cooked food you will require a kitchen thermometer. No one likes getting food poisoning so implementing a simple step as to checking the temp on your meal should be no biggie!

There are several types of kitchen thermometers…

If you are really in the need for something “techy” try out the newer Wifi enabled thermometers. Think I’m kidding?! You can find these so called smart thermometers online, but be warned that they will run you about $200. Yikes!! The good ol’ fashion $10 analog thermometer works just fine.

Simple questions to ask yourself prior to purchasing a thermometer:

  • Will the majority of what you are cooking be pork, poultry, or beef?
  • Do you want a thermometer that can sit in the dish while it cooks or one designed to check the final product?

You will want to take these into consideration when you purchase a thermometer – that specific one may be designed for just one of the purposes, not all that fit your need.


Make sure you insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat! Avoid the bone and any cartilage. If you don’t, part of your dish may still be uncooked. When cooking a dish that is uneven or oddly shaped, check the temperature in several different spots.

No matter what kind of thermometer you buy, make sure to give the directions a thorough read so you know just how to properly calibrate & use it! I like to leave the directions by my cookbooks because unless you are a chef, you won’t remember all the proper safe temperatures. Print out a cheat sheet if you are a color coder like me. 😉

Clean Up!

This is an important step! To clean your thermometer wash in hot, soapy water. DO NOT WASH IN DISHWASHER. Once again, calibrate often!


Do you currently use a thermometer, if so what kind? Comment below with any tips or trick you have on safely cooking your dish to the right temperature. Have a wonderful day!



Kim Shapira MS, RD


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