Which Vitamin Can Affect Our Unborn Children During Pregnancy?

Which Vitamin Can Affect Our Unborn Children During Pregnancy?

Vitamin D is very important to our health, and now is becoming important to our unborn child’s health as well. A recent study has shown that women who lacked vitamin D during their pregnancy affected the children as a result. There were over 7,000 women and children in this study, so it wasn’t a small study that we should just brush off. In the past, I have explained how important Vitamin D is to our health, and I am going to reiterate that here in this post.

The first of the main issues that the children had after going through a vitamin D deficient pregnancy was less gross motor and fine motor development at 2.5 years old. The second issue was a lowered social development at the age of 3.5 years. Both of those are extremely important to children, especially during those ages, as they are still shaping their future personalities.

Some of the added reasons to get a healthy dose of vitamin D before, during, and after pregnancy is for bone growth, calcium absorption, and other important body functions.  Osteomalacia (misshaped bones) can occur with a vitamin D deficiency in adults. Lastly, vitamin D has been linked to preventing major diseases, including cancer and heart disease, along with depression and weight gain. So be sure to take your vitamins! Especially those pregnant mommies out there, stay on top of your vitamin intake and be sure to regulate it according to your doctor or nutritionist!

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Kim Shapira MS, RD

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