Do You Have A Fixed Mindset?

Do You Have A Fixed Mindset?

Fixed Mindset

Many people throughout history and today have a Fixed Mindset. And by that, I do not mean, that they are not open minded, rather a fixed mindset is when you believe your intelligence and traits are fixed. That there is no way to grow more or get better at certain things. Well, fortunately for you, I am here to explain to you why you shouldn’t think this way!

Believe it or not: You can grow and you can get better! Each and every person can do better than they are currently doing. Whether it be at your job, at sports, at writing, or even reading, you can go faster and perform better by just doing a few things! This way of thinking is known as a Growth Mindset.

There are two important aspects to adjusting this belief for the better: Effort and Outlook

If you put effort into bettering yourself, without giving up, over time you will begin to see improvement. It is simply a matter of “practice makes perfect.” And although that statement may be overdoing it, considering perfect is a word of opinion, it has the right idea. By practicing, you are training your mind and think and act a certain way. This can be viewed in the same regard as learning to walk when you were a child. You went from crawling, to standing, barely in balance, to wobbling more than walking, to finally walking with some coordination. Just like that, you can better any ability you wish, even your knowledge.

Additionally, your outlook on the matter actually has to flip-flop. You need to get out of your current mindset and get into a growth-based mindset. By viewing yourself at a mental and physical plateau, it is difficult for you to grow and continue to push yourself. If you find yourself in this mindset, there are a few things that you can try in order to get yourself to grow in one aspect, which can help you believe you can grow in all ways. One method of getting passed this is by meditating. Focus on how you can become better, think about what brought you to this belief and nip it in the bud mentally. Another way is to prove yourself wrong. By putting your beliefs to the test, you will strengthen or better yourself at something, and prove to yourself how you can grow and fortify yourself.

All in all, don’t give up on your progression! You can advance more than you may believe. Take control of your abilities, change your mindset, become more positive, and better yourself as much as you can. Maybe you don’t believe in this, but if you know someone who does think this way, maybe you can help them grow and start believing in bettering themselves.



Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

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