Distractions – How They Cause Us to Overeat

Distractions – How They Cause Us to Overeat


I am sure more than once in your life, you have noticed that you overate. Some people blame it on how delicious the food was, others blame it on not being able to control themselves. And while those are valid excuses (valid, not acceptable), they aren’t the only reasons why you may have overeaten. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that is completely overlooked is eating while distracted.

Distracted eating can and does lead to overeating and in turn, weight gain. How can that be? Well, it is actually quite simple. If we break it down into two main reasons, we can get a better grasp of what is happening to us while we eat. Firstly, distracted eating can be described as eating while also multitasking or not paying attention to your meal (work, watching TV, cleaning, etc.).


it takes time for your brain to realize that you are full when you are actually full. So if you eat quickly, than you aren’t giving your brain enough time to understand that you are full, and end up eating way more than you actually need to. This relates directly to distracted eating because many times, when people are at work, they are hurrying to finish their food and get back to being productive. A no-no that needs to be worked on.


when you are distracted, you aren’t actually focusing on how much you are eating. I have heard stories of people sitting in front of the TV and finishing a 2lb box of candies without even realizing it until they stuck their hand back in to grab another and noticed they were all gone. That might be more than you can handle, but maybe you do it in your own way sometimes. This is also a big no-no that needs work. If you find yourself doing this once in a while or even more often, than here are a few things to help you out.

Be mindful of your eating habits:

-Slow down!

-Take smaller bites and chew the appropriate amount of times (usually 40).

-Turn the TV off and eat at the table.

-Forget about work for the 20-30 minutes you are allotted to eat and take your time.

-Drink 8oz of water 10 minutes before your meal

-Eat how much you think you need, wait until the 20-minute mark, and only eat more if you need it.


I hope this helps and you enjoyed reading! Be sure to pay more attention to your eating habits, and take control of your health. It is easily within reach and anything can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. Thanks again!


Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

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