Date Night With A Twist

Date Night With A Twist

Date Day or Date Night Activities

A few weeks back we had a challenge to book a workout date instead of a dinner date…. remember that? Well I’ve asked you all to carry these challenges with you throughout the rest of the year. Coming up with new ideas for this can get a bit difficult so here are a few of my top options to try! Don’t worry if you have to repeat a few or even WANT to repeat a few, that is perfectly fine!! Sometimes we find something we like and it’s fun to include new people each time, share the new found passion with them.

My Top 15 Workout Date Ideas:

  1. Take it outside & go hiking!  I am lucky enough to live in beautiful California where 95% of the year we have perfect weather for outdoor activities. There are many hiking trails all over Los Angeles so for me this can turn into multiple workout dates. This is a perfect activity for friend dates, family outings, and even some quality time with your favorite fur-friend(s).
  2. Sign up for a new workout class with your date: This can be an exciting one! Choose a class that you and your date have never attending. You can choose a group class or even schedule a personal session. This will definitely give you both something to talk about for a while after AND get those Happy hormones flowing!!
  3. Go Ice Skating: Depending on where you live you might still see an ice rink or two set up around town. Take advantage and go for a spin! It is always fun to learn a new skill and for those of you that already got this down, work on your maneuvers and feel the intensity in your core.
  4. Dance Lesson: You can sign up for couples classes or even join a big group. These are sooo much fun at any level of expertise!! The instructors are always great and they have high energy to keep you motivated. Not only will you have a new skill to show off at your next big party, but you’ll burn a ton of calories!
  5. Walk in the park: Want to catch up with your friend or maybe just not in the mood for a high intensity workout, then this is perfect for you! Grab a big jug of water, your walking shoes, and meet your friend/date at the closest park. Take a stroll through the park, admire the natural beauty, and get to yapping.
  6. AcroYoga: Have a yoga buddy? Skip your normal yoga class this week and meet them at an AcroYoga class. This is sure to change things up for your muscles!! While attending this class you’ll put your strength to the challenge. They also offer Trapeze Yoga classes for those looking to loosen up a bit… great if you’re looking to relax and stretch out those over-worked muscles.
  7. Rock Climbing: To much surprise if done properly this workout can be a workout for your upper body, core, lower body, and even your most important muscle… your brain! Strategy is key when rock climbing! Without putting much thought into your next move you could end up going nowhere. Like a little competition? Take your date to an indoor rock climbing gym and see who can reach the top first. Post workout snack is on the loser 😉
  8. Bicycle Ride to your favorite coffee spot: But first, coffee… am I right? If you must must must go get coffee have your date start a little earlier. Meet up, jump on your bicycles, and stroll to the nearest coffee shop.
  9. Frisbee Golf: There aren’t many parks that offer Frisbee golf anymore, but if you can find one local to you this is a super fun group activity. Most of us with kids have a Frisbee laying around our yard somewhere. I will often pack a light meal, some waters, my Frisbee, the kids, and we go spend the day outdoors playing Frisbee Golf. Now some of you might be saying, ” What in the world is Frisbee Golf?!” so here is a brief description:  A course of 9 or more targets are spread out throughout the park and you take turns throwing the Frisbee into the targets/baskets. The rules are practically identical to golf; the person with the lowest score wins.
  10. Cooking Class: Any age group and any level of cooking experience is fine for this date night idea. My hubby and I participated in one of these and had a ton of fun! Our teacher was a skilled chef and walked us through the process of making sushi… to be honest I never thought I would ever make sushi, but I did and it was way easier than I expected. We chatted it up with other couples there and learned a bunch about the sushi making process. We can’t wait to participate in another cooking class.
  11. Laser Tag:  If you are looking for a way to include a little competition and some major calorie burning, then go with laser tag. It now makes sense why the kiddos love it so much! The dim lights, fun setting, strategic planning, and the excitement of it all were an adrenaline booster. All the running around will get your BMR up and aide in shredding those stubborn calories.
  12. Think of Geocaching like a real world version of National Treasure: Early 2017 geocaching was highly talked about, nowadays we don’t hear too much about it, but don’t be fooled, it is still a thing! You download an app and BAM you are in a real life treasure hunt, set up by people just like you! There are several different kinds of geocaching; you grab the treasure and leave another object behind with clues on the app or you use the clues to find the treasure before someone else does. The level of difficulty varies so make sure to read into which hunt you choose.
  13. Check Out That museum you’ve been wanting to check out: A fun way way to get in your daily steps and cross that museum off your to do list!
  14. When was the last time you went to a batting Cage?? Many of us haven’t been to a batting cage since we were young, but why? They are fun, physical, and the perfect date night spot. Batting cages are a great way to practice your hand, eye coordination and keep that brain active.
  15. Paddleboarding: It’s beginning to warm up and what better way to spend a warm day than on the water?! This full body workout is a great activity for just two people or the entire fam. You can rent paddle-boards for a reasonable price these days and they are a perfect way to fit in your physical activity for the day. Let me warn those of you that have never done it before, it is an intense workout. You will have a blast and your body will sure feel it the next day. Well worth it though!!


Do you have any fun date ideas? Share with us below in the comment section!!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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