Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

A beverage that has been gaining more popularity in society as of late is Cold Brew Coffee. What are the real differences between this and, well, regular coffee? More importantly, how major are the differences between Cold Brew and Starbucks or other prevalent brands on the market? Let’s dig in and find some more details!

What is cold brew coffee?

Some people may think that Cold Brew just means that it is hot coffee that was thrown in the fridge, but that isn’t so. Cold Brew Coffee is what it sounds like, Coffee that is brewed with cold or room temperature water for longer periods of time. Longer being the difference between how your hot coffee is brewed almost instantly through the Keurig. In fact, they steep the Coffee grounds for between 12 and 24 hours to get that Cold Brew flavoring.

Two benefits of Cold Brew Coffee: its shelf life and acidity compared to normal Coffee. Cold Brew Coffee without added preservatives lasts up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. That is really great for the extra busy people who don’t always have time to brew a warm cup before or even during work. Also, Cold Brew Coffee is approximately 60% less acidic than normal hot Coffee. This can be a major benefit for those that experience acid reflux often.

Don’t think too much less of Regular Brewed Coffee though! All of the proven health benefits of our beloved coffee, like my favorite – antioxidants. In fact, it hasn’t been proven yet, but Cold Brew may lack in nutrients, since many are extracted at or above 195 degrees Fahrenheit. So until there are more studies that prove one to be healthier than the other, we can all still enjoy our Coffee, where steeped cold or brewed hot! Yipee for Coffee!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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  • Great post! Cold brew coffee’s are super trendy right now and you can find them everywhere. Just about everywhere I’ve traveled has them. im pleased to know that they are less acidic. yay!

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